Saturday, January 30, 2016

ETC: I remember

There is a story going around on the internet about an elderly man in a hurry to

finish up at the Dr to go have breakfast with his wife like he does everyday. The

nurse said why do you go everyday she doesn't remember who you are and his answer

I know who she is. This hit home with me with my Mama. Mama's memory is getting

really really bad and alot of times she doesn't remember me being there with her. For

example she has been extremely sick and spent two weeks in the hospital and I spent

7 days and nights with her and sometimes she doesn't remember me being there at all.

The above story really touched me and shows that even though she might not remember

I do. All you can do is your best and do what you need to do so there will be no regrets

when we no longer have them here on earth with us.Mama may not remember but I do.
I love you Mama and it is a blessing to me to be there for you even if you don't always

God Bless

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

ETC: A first for me

I am a fan of LockUp, Jail and all the programs of this type. I do not know why. It

has always interested me. I could never understand why some  people keep on

making the same choices and wind up in jail and or prison. Why would anyone want

to be locked up having someone watch you and have complete control over your life.?

Today I made a visit to a prison and  I still ask the question. Why? Everyone can make

a mistake but when you don't learn from that mistake then it becomes a choice.

The reality of the closing of the doors, the people watching you and telling you what

you can and cannot do. I know there is always two sides of a story and my heart goes

out to the folks who are living in this situation.. Be careful of the choices you make and the

 people you hang out with.Remember it not only affects you but also those who care about you.

Just my 2 cents worth  and a prayer that we all try to make the right choices so we can live

in freedom and not locked in a cell.

Monday, January 25, 2016

January 2016

January 2016 has started off with a complete bang.If the rest of the year goes this way we

are in for a ride.

I almost lost my Mama twice.She went in to the hospital for acute bronchitis and while

there her heart stopped twice. Thank God she was in a place to get the help she needed.

I spent 7 days and nights with her in CICU unit. She is 92 years old and what a fighter

she is. She is still in hospital but after 14 days she is being moved to a skilled nursing

facility to get her strength built back up. This is a miracle and I am so thankful for her


I came home after 7 days with her in CICU and we have a winter storm ice, snow etc

and no power for 3 days. The power finally came back on,last night.I had just gotten a

kerosene heater so that was another blessing. I did learn that if you have an adjustable

bed get it flat before the power goes off or you will be stuck in an upright position until

the power comes back. It has been quite an adventure with a house full of dogs.

All this was happening just as I had started a new job and another blessing was that they

worked with me and just took me off the schedule so I could have time with Mama.

So blessing after blessing and I am so thankful. So it has been rough start to 2016

but we have been blessed in so many ways. Thankful to my Lord and Savior.

God Bless

Tuesday, December 15, 2015


TRAVEL AND ETC: December: It is the middle of December and it is still flip flop weather here in the great state of North Carolina. Balmy warm weather for parades a...


It is the middle of December and it is still flip flop weather here in the great state of North Carolina.

Balmy warm weather for parades and Christmas lights display. For me it is hard to get in the

Christmas shopping mood when I am hot. But here I share some of the display s of Christmas

 sitting on Santa's lap no coat and the little one no pants

Christmas we love it whatever the weather. We celebrate family, friends but most of
all the Birth of Jesus Christ our Savior. Have a Blessed Christmas Season


Thursday, December 3, 2015

ETC// Duster

This is Duster a rescue from our local animal shelter. I saw his photo online and fell in love with him

Buster who was his Dad and Duster were owner surrendered to the shelter. When I went to visit

Buster the dad was rescue only due to his barking and growling and they did not feel that he

could be adopted out. Duster was considered very sweet but didnot like small kids. I picked

him up and he just cuddled on my shoulder and was so sweet and loving. I adopted him and

he came home to join the other furbabies. It seems that Duster was a very smart little doggie

knowing how to act to get out of the shelter. I love him and would not give him up for

anything BUT now that he is home he barks and growls at just about everyone and everything

the same behavior that made his Dad rescue only. DONOT let anyone tell you that dogs

are not smart. Duster is a character.

Thanks for letting me share my tale of 2 doggies.

God Bless


Sunday, November 8, 2015

TRAVEL AND ETC: New Adventure with It Works

TRAVEL AND ETC: New Adventure with It Works: I have started working as a distributor with It Works and just want to share the products with you. I have been a loyal customer for over ...