Monday, December 31, 2012

My Uncle Leroy

To our side of the family he was Uncle Leroy to his wife's side of the family he was Uncle Roy,but
whatever the name he will be missed. He left this world yesterday and Thursday we travel to
Morganton to say good bye.

As a child I never saw him much as he drove a truck and for many years lived in Maryland.
Our family was blessed that about nine years ago we reconnected. My Mama is his sister and now
she is the only one left out of seven.

The last years we enjoyed many visits with him and spent a few Thanksgivings with him. Great memories
that we will always have.

He was a man who loved to travel when his wife was alive and these later years he loved to eat.

We were not able to see him these last months as his health went downhill but in my mind I keep
seeing a picture of him smiling and healthy and I am glad for that.

It is hard to say good bye and to know he is no longer with us in this world but he professed
a great faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ so now he is with him and free from pain.

Good Bye Uncle Leroy I was happy to know you and will always remember you with much

Until next ti,e