Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Life Changes that are Forever

My husband's last sibling passed away very suddenly in her sleep. It is such a shock and hard to
accept. In our later years we didnot see each other very often but whenever and wherever there was always a kiss and a hug and I love you from Susan. I shall miss that.

It is sad and hard when all the family from your youth is just about gone. I am thinking of that this
morning as we prepare to say goodbye. When we first got married we were very close to all of my
husbands sisters and brother in laws and now they are gone. It was Cookie and Dick, Martha and Tommy, Susan and Jerry(her first husband) and us Linda and Jimmy. But one by one they have all
left this world and left us behind.We saw each other at least once a week at Jim's Grandmothers house.So many memories and so many good and happy days.I am sad that there will be no more new memories for us with these loved ones. Praying and having that blessed hope that we will be reunited
in heaven someday.

Until Next time